Display advertising is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of online digital advertising. It involves the use of text-based, banner, image or video-based ads which are designed to encourage a targeted user to click on a link which usually leads to a landing page or another website. The purpose of the landing page is to encourage the user to take the desired action.

Where Are Display Ads Located?

The display ads we utilize at STOX Media are typically shown on relevant third-party websites, social media platforms or other digital formats. In order to increase the overall effectiveness and click through rates of display ads, they should be located towards the top of page and also have an eye-catching title or image.

Cost Per Click

Most of the display and online advertising campaigns used today charge on what’s referred to as a cost per click (CPC) basis which means that every time the user on clicks on your ad, you will get charged an amount based on your overall bidding strategy.

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Over the years as other types of online ads have gained popularity and become more
effective, the use of display ads has inversely declined.

Although display ads are not as effective as they once were when they were the only game in town, these ads still serve an important role  on our digital awareness platform and can help lead to a strong ROI when properly utilized with a multi-channel approach.



At STOX Media we also use display ads as part of a retargeting strategy. This is where ads are shown to users who have already visited a specific website with relevant content. The aim is to “retarget” the user and encourage them to return to your landing page or site in order to influence them to take the desired action.

Brand Awareness

Display ads can also be very useful for building brand awareness and developing loyalty amongst your user base.

They serve a great purpose and will always have a place in the
digital marketing arena.

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