According to business insider there are currently over 20 billion connected devices worldwide. Smart phones, social media and big data are now transforming our lives by changing the way we act and the pace at which we react to the abundance of digital data at our finger tips.

As the digital revolution strengthens, the flow of news, information and events occurs with an unrelenting speed in what’s referred to as “real time”.

The Right Fit

The financial markets are an emotional market place made up of large and small investors that are easily influenced by news and events.

The Psycology
of Investors

The manner in which investors react to news flow and events (whether good or bad) has always had a strong influence on price action. However, as we enter the new digital era, investors are not only acting faster than ever, they are also over-reacting which can cause larger fluctuations as it relates to the markets.

Awareness Creates

Today many publicly traded companies hire digital ad agencies in an attempt to increase their shareholder base by introducing their company to a target audience who may not have otherwise considered them as an investment.

What many companies fail to understand
is that not all digital agencies are created equal.

Most lack the expertise, intuition and leadership that’s required to launch and maintain a successful campaign for publicly trading entities. They continue to rely on recycled third party data, out dated methods such as email blasts and a one to two channel set it and forget it approach. The end result is a campaign that fails with a poor or negative ROI as well as a missed opportunity to capitalize on the positive news and events which your awareness campaign was supposed to be centered around.

If This Sounds Like Your Story,

I can assure you that you are not alone because nearly half our clients were once in your shoes.




Stox Media specializes in creating highly targeted and cost effective digital awareness campaigns for publicly traded companies in the U.S. and Canada. These campaigns are designed to share your companies story in a language that the audience can easily understand.

Our Team And Digital Platforms

Our team consists of dynamic digital media gurus and trusted industry professionals with specialized skill sets and close ties to the financial markets. Each successful campaign we design, launch and maintain is the result of a collaborative team effort which is backed by over 30 years combined experience in the digital media arena.

Digital Awareness Platform

Our proprietary digital awareness platform is designed to “Amplify” your companies story across multiple channels in order to engage and captivate your target audience. This is what we refer to as the driver for investor action.

Advanced Algorithms

Our digital platform uses advanced algorithms and real time data across multiple channels which allow us to quickly evaluate and adapt to end user analytics on the following basis:

Engagement Level
Social Engagement
Time Per Visit

Although Advanced Algorithms provide efficiency in campaign management,

human intuition remains imperative in order to the keep your target audience engaged.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our dynamic team uses a comprehensive approach which leverages strategic creativity, real time data analysis and expert intuition in order to optimize media spend fluidly at the right time to which ever channels or tactics are delivering the highest ROI.

Strategic Creativity
Real Time Data Analysis
Expert Intuition
Optimizing Media Spend
“We know exactly when to pump the brakes and when and how to move the needle”.

This is what separates Stox Media from the pack and allows us to consistently yield better results for our clients.

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