When publicly traded companies have material news to share with the investment community, they issue a Press Release on the news wire.

Examples of Material News Includes Information Such As:

  • Corporate Events
  • Earnings Results
  • Stock Splits
  • Product Development
  • And any other price-sensitive developments in a company.

Material News

As material news is received by the investment community it affects the price of a company's stock, either up or down, depending on the significance of news event and the volume of shares that exchange hands.

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viewed your companies press release upwards of 10-fold.

The good news is that you no longer have to use your imagination because STOX Media makes this a reality with our Amplified Press Release A.K.A ticker tagging article.


That same morning that your company issues a Press Release, STOX Media will send a ticker tagging article across the wire which mentions 4-5 other well-known companies in your sector. What this essentially does is target the audience of the other 4-5 well-known companies.

As a side note research shows the best time for a company to share positive material news are Monday and Tuesday’s from 8am to 9am. This helps get you get in front of the news cycle for the days.

After being released across the access wire, our tag article will appear on many of the major financial sites (Benzinga, CNN Money, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, WSJ, Motley Fool, etc.)

Additionally, our article will also be seen on many of the online brokerage news feeds (TD, E*TRADE, Fidelity, etc.)

The Amplified Press Release is literally the equivalent of putting your press release on steroids.

It is intended to expand your investor base by sharing your companies’ story with a large targeted audience of investors.

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