Based Marketing

Relationship based marketing is an important strategy we use in order to develop loyalty, interaction and long-term relationship-based engagement with our user base. It is designed to develop positive connections with our user base by only providing them with relevant information that is of interest to them.

The Importance Of Building Relationships

One of the most important considerations in building and maintaining any healthy relationship is the creating positive emotions. By creating a positive emotional experience for our users, we are able to build rapport and trust. This allows us to keep open lines of communication with our users which is the key to maintaining relationships over the long haul.

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Positive Communication

These principles also holds true to your personal relationships with friends and family. Positive communication helps maintain all relationships.

STOX Media employs and implements a strong


This strategy includes the following:

Engage at the right time with the right message // Communicate and Nurture // Build rapport and trust // Users take action // User becomes a loyal follower and fan // User recommends our brand to others which creates earned media 

In order to make this process fluid and successful we leverage and integrate
customer data and create a positive experience through the use of technology,
strong intuition and a multi-channel approach.

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