Owned Media &
Earned Media

Owned Media is any online propriety which is owned and completely controlled by your business. The term Earned media refers to word of mouth publicity about your brand which is written or spoken by third parties. It cannot be bought hence the name.

Owned Media

Examples of owned media used in our digital awareness platform includes:

  • Branded websites
  • Social media posts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Social news posts (Yahoo Finance, Reddit, Stocktwits)
  • Blogs and other owned content

Multiple Media Channels

STOX Media owns and operates multiple media channels which allows us to increase our digital footprint. This gives us the potential to reach a much larger audience and gain more loyal followers. Owned media is one of the main building blocks for our digital campaigns.

Through the use of compelling content on our high-quality branded websites, social
media users and online publications start to take notice which can lead to earned media.

By leveraging our owned media efforts, STOX Media is able to increase the effectiveness of our paid and earned media channels.

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Earned Media

Earned media can come from clients, social media fans, bloggers and journalist. Some common examples of earned media include:

  • Client reviews and testimonials
  • Any mentions on social media platforms
  • Retweets or shares of your content
  • Blog Posts
  • Word of mouth recommendations both digital and spoken
  • TV or News articles

The Rise of Social Media

The rise of social media platforms have made it very easy for anyone located anywhere in the world to share an opinion about about a specific company / brand which can reach to a very large audience quickly. This is referred to going “viral”.

STOX Media owns a portfolio of diversified financial websites. By frequently updating
our web properties with fresh and relevant data we gain earned media.

When googles algorithms identify fresh original content our web properties earn higher backlinks which helps boost search engine ranking and let’s Google know we are a legitimate website. Google loves fresh content!

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